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Is your online strategy working for you?

Most people throw money into a website, hoping it will work.  There’s a better way.

Your online presence is about more than a pretty website. An effective online strategy works with every area of your business, reducing the amount of time you must spend in the middle.

Imagine having a website your customers love to use, systems that all work together, and the freedom to spend your time doing the things you do best — running your business.

Imagine finding someone that can help you get there. . . 

Let us introduce ourselves!  We are Excel Software and we want you to know that you CAN have an amazing and profitable online presence without the headaches.


Providing custom software and web development services since 1978.



We've got your back when it comes to getting your systems talking to each other.  We've saved clients countless hours of duplicate data entry and headaches from data entry errors. 

If you use two systems that each have an API or allow access to the data, we can make your life easier with a custom integration.



Is your site down and your developer long gone? Does your site take forever to load? Are you experiencing errors or have features that are not working?

We help website owners overcome poor performing websites or website disasters so they can get back to running their business.



We help the printing industry improve operations and increase profit

With over 30 years experience working with print manufacturers, we understand the unique needs of the industry and provide a complete plant management package from time and material estimating to data collection, job costing, reporting, and web integration.



Our Essi web portals for Acctivate are ready-to-launch B2B portals that let you take your Acctivate data online. 

The customer portal lets your customers place orders online, track shipments, check order status, pay invoices, and search order history.

The rep portal is a sales tool for your outside reps that give them instant access to their accounts from anywhere.

Our portals get you online fast; with a low entry price point, no long-term contract, and a seamless integration with Acctivate.



We understand manufacturing and distributing as well as technology and web development.  We have decades of experience working with clients to make their business more efficient and profitable.

Instead of just focusing on your web technology, we take a holistic approach to make sure your online presence also works with your internal systems and business processes.



With our Essi Connector tools for Acctivate, we can create a seamless integration between your Acctivate data and any other system. 

We can also help out if you have a web store that isn't supported by Acctivate's web store module. As long as your web store has an API or allows access to it's database, we can tie the two together with our Acctivate Native Webstore Tempate integration.

web design1


The only thing worse than not having a website is having a website that doesn’t do what it needs to do and is costing you time and energy trying to deal with it.

Our specialty is creating high performing custom WordPress sites for a variety of industries and integrated with Acctivate or other 3rd party systems.



Launching your project is only the beginning. Regular “care and feeding” is required to keep your site performing reliably.  Let us care for your website so that you can focus on your business. 

We offer several care plans to keep your site secure, up to date, and running well.



How much is it costing you to NOT have a powerful online presence?

Excelling Online is a program that provides ongoing development on your new website, digital strategy consulting, and the tools and support you need to grow your business.


If you are looking for a web site developer that is reliable, honest, hard-working, budget conscious and effective at solving problems…you need to look no further than Lynn Thames and her team. The experience of working with Lynn over the last several months has been the best developer experience we have had in 15+ years of owning an eCommerce business. Lynn’s team has delivered on every promise they have made. Communication and customer service is the best we have ever experienced as compared with any other development team we have ever worked with. Based on our experience, I am confident you will have a great experience also!

Doug Hendershott

SafetyGear Online

Working with Lynn and Excel has been a wonderful experience. Although we already knew that creating a new Magento webstore that would seamlessly integrate with Acctivate could be quite a sizable project, we couldn’t foresee how complex and extensive it would really be. Sometimes it is difficult for consultants to get into the core of their clients ‘businesses, but Lynn really listened and understood all the little subtleties of our way of doing business, what was truly important to us, and translated into our new website. She is always reliable, extremely responsive and gets to the bottom of any problem that needs to be resolved. We are now working on a second website, I will definitely recommend her.

Sandra Belozercovsky

Weiner’s Ltd.

I wanted you to understand how much I truly appreciate you. You have gone above and beyond for us in every way possible. Namely, accepting our challenges as your personal ones, giving us a break on time spent to identify the cause of our troubles, being more than patient with my sketchy team of developers, remembering the names of our staff and referring to them by “Jose” instead of “your warehouse manager” (I don’t know how you do that nor why it was so important but it made a difference), always being quick to respond to my needs, and adjusting your busy schedule to work with my developers on their time. I really haven’t worked with anyone I’ve appreciated more. If you ever need a reference from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Jennifer Brown

Director of Operations, Bella Terra Cosmetics

We have been extremely pleased with the service received from Lynn and her team at Excel. I especially appreciated that they worked to find a solution to all of our special requests and that their prices are very reasonable. They were very easy to work with and knowledgeable about Magento and ACCTivate. I enjoyed working with Lynn to complete the project and appreciated her flexibility and honesty in all of our dealings.

Arjen van der Meulen

Installation Technologies

As a department manager in a company that has been working very closely with Excel for over a year, we had many needs: Design of our wholesale systems, continuous development, and managing its constant attention of inventory. Whenever we needed anything from Excel, there was always someone ready to take the call or promptly answer our emails!

Whenever they had a question, they wouldn’t just stop their work and wait for instructions. They were proactive, suggesting solutions, and coming up with new ideas that made our platforms work faster, better, and convert more then we knew could be possible. This means more business, and that’s always great!

From our first meeting with them, we knew they were the perfect fit. It felt like working with a partner that truly cares about your requirements and your day to day. Highly recommended for any company, big or small!

Stephanie Capone

Department Manager - Yumi Kim

We’ve had a pleasant experience with Lynn and her team. The responses are expedited and also go into detail to explain it in a manner that makes sense for non-technical people. Lynn has been great about quickly understand what is being asked to create.

Patricia Simental

Old Gringo Boots

Excel Software is someone that we’ve been working with for now over a year, we have found them to be someone that we are able to count on for our web development needs. They have helped us tremendously with thinking things through throughout the development process to try come up with the best solution for our needs, they have been very patient with us and have been available to answer any questions we have had, and have helped us get off the ground and running in a timely manner. Excel is a company that we will continue to use for our web development needs as they continue to grow as they have demonstrated that they are reliable and fair to work with that we can count on.

David Grossman

National Cellular

We have been using software provided by Excel Software Services for over 20 years and have had a very satisfactory experience. Their quick customer service response time and support have far exceeded our expectations. The relationship we have enjoyed with them as been a bonus to the excellent service and support provieded by their entire staff.

Deborah Kilbourne

JBF Print Inc.

I starting working with Excel early 2014. My company was transitioning into incorporating an ecommerce system after just finishing transitioning into a new inventory system called Acctivate by Alterity. The challenge was to integrate both systems to meet our current business needs. To add more difficulty to the project, we also had to figure out how we could integrate QuickBooks as we also wanted to have our systems work together but be managed by different business groups. We tried a few web developers that specialize in magento integration and more time kept adding to the project timeline completion date until we met Lynn from Excel Software.

Lynn was always willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs and would even research other systems in order to help us when the vendor of those system would not offer support. There was no task or issue we came across that they were not able to handle. Responses are always fast and very detailed. I have been in the industry of project managing system integration for companies and in my 10 yrs. experience have never met web developers who care more about their clients and their work than Excel.

If you are currently considering using their services, let me be the first to communicate that there is no one better in the industry. Just let them do their magic and cut your previous project target completion date by a significant margin. Thank you Lynn for all the work you and your team have done for my company.

George Gonzalez

National Director of Logistics, ATI Global, Inc.


Our mission is to help manufacturers & distributors excel online (and make more money)

It really is that simple.  Each of our services was designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors, and created with the purpose of making them more effective.

While software development is what we do, our passion lies in improving businesses.  We are experienced and talented, but it’s our dedication to improving the processes of clients that has allowed us to keep doing this for more than 40 year.


Read, learn and contact us if you need.

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