7 Buyer Personas a B2B seller should know

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7 Buyer Personas B2B Sellers Should Know

We all know that you as the seller should make it EASY for customers to place orders. The problem is that every customer is different – meaning their definitions of “easy” are different, too.  This is why we provide multiple ways for B2B customers to place their order, so all of your customers will love you for making their lives easier. 

So who are these customers, and what are their preferences? Let’s take a look at some of the typical buyer personas you’re likely to run across:

“The Browser”

These customers aren’t sure what they want, or they want to explore all of your offerings. They will be happiest and best served by viewing your product catalog by category or by searching for keywords. 

“The Repeat Buyer”

These customers typically order the same products every time, so with our web portals for Acctivate, we make it easy for them by providing an order form with a list of products they’ve previously purchased. They can tab through their list and add a quantity for each item they want to purchase. Once completed, they can quickly add all of the items to their order at once.

“The Standing-Order Buyer” 

These buyers usually need the same things on each order. We streamline their process by letting them set up a customizable order template. They can easily add it to their order form, and then adjust quantities or add other items as needed.

“The Stockroom Buyer”

These buyers like to order from their mobile device as they are physically checking their stock room or pantry. They can create a personalized order page with products organized to match their physical shelves. This makes it simple and quick to run through the list and add quantities for the things they need to order.

“The Organized Buyer”

These buyers know exactly what they want. Maybe they already have a P.O. ready or they exported a report from another system. Either way, we make it super fast for them to upload their order. All they need to do is match the column headings to our downloadable order template, save as a CSV-formatted file, and then upload.

“The Limited Buyer”

Sometimes you want to limit what your customer can purchase. We have added two ways for sellers to do this. First, you can set your customer up with an order template and block access to anything else. Or you can utilize price codes in your Acctivate system to allow them only to access products with the price code that matches their default price code. 

“The Duplicator”

Ok, we made this one up! But almost everyone occasionally wants to duplicate a previous order. We make it easy with a “Reorder” button on their previous order list. And they can always adjust the order form further to get exactly what they need.

No matter how your B2B customer prefers to place orders, we’ve got you covered with our B2B Portals for Acctivate. Curious to see more? Click here for more information about the portals.