Setting Up Your Customer Portal

We know how daunting learning a new process can be! We’re here to show you an easy step-by-step guide on how to set up your customer portal. Trust us when we say we’re here for every step of the process.

Before logging in, you should receive an email with your username, password, and a unique URL. Using that URL, you will be taken to your customer portal log-in screen.

You will begin by selecting “admin” from your navigation list on the left-hand side of your screen.

From Admin, you will selection Options:

Your Portal Dashboard

Below is what you will see when you log into your dashboard. This is where your company information should go. The “Send Contact Form Email to” should be the email you want customers to be able to contact you at.

Design Tab

The design tab is where you can start to really make the portal yours!

Color Scheme

The default color scheme is the blue that you see currently. You use the drop-down and select from a list of other pre-set color schemes. If you don’t like the colors offered, not to worry, that is where the Custom CSS comes in to play. To learn more about CSS, reach out!

Background Image

Next, you can set a background image for your portal. You can do so by choosing “Choose File” and uploading from your computer. If you are unhappy with the image you have selected or are you just wanting a change, you can always hit “Delete Image” to update it.

For example, ours has a quote:

Background Color

This will default to white, as shown. You can update this using the color hex code of your choice.

Logo and Icon

At the bottom right hand corner, you will find your Logo and Icons tab. Click to expand your options.

From here you will see several options for uploading your logo.

Dashboard Tab

Your dashboard tab will show you your most recent orders. You can toggle these on or off to your preference.

Content Tab

Your content tab is will default to opening your Dashboard Greeting. This is a place where you can update a greeting message as often as you’d like. This is a great place to share information to your customer.

Contact Page

This is where you can update your contact information.

Which will display like this on your portal:

Thank You Messages

This is where you can update your thank you message for your customers.

Dashboard Section Headings

Each of the widgets has a heading and a sub heading. This will let you change what shows on your Dashboard Grid.

Page Headings

Similarly to the dashboard section headings, you can customize your page headings.

Email Configuration

This is where you can configure your customer service email.

Welcome Email Template

This is where you can customize your welcome email.

Order Confirmation Email

This is where you can customize your confirmation email.

Product Options

Prior to setting up your product options, you should ensure you have completed your onboarding instructions.

Product Availability

Product Display Options

Create Order Options

Order History

Product Browsing

Search Settings

Order Options

Create Order Options

Order History

Payment Configuration

Shipping Configuration

API Connector

Rep Permissions