Send us your account passwords through our secure portal

We occasionally need access to come of your 3rd party account information so that we can provide our services to you.  Instead of emailing the information (which is not secure) or tell us over the phone (and can easily be written down wrong), we ask that you enter the information into the password manager on our client portal.

Here is a quick video tutorial, followed by the steps you need to take.


How to send us your account credentials securely:

Visit our website.

Click on Client Portal from the menu.

Click on the Login link in the top right area of the screen.  Alternatively, you can use this quick link.

Click on the arrow next to your name and select Password Manager from the drop down menu.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the +Add New button.


A form will pop up where you can enter your information:

  • Name – Name the account anything you want (ie Godaddy or Domain Registrar)
  • Username – This is the username that you sign into the account with
  • Password – This is the password for the account
  • Website URL – this is the URL for the account (if it’s a web based service)
  • Log In – if the login URL is different from the website url, include it here
  • Note – You can include any instructions or non-secure details here.  For example, if there is a specific port number to use with the FTP, include it here. Or if connections require a public key file or whitelisted IP address, include it here along with instructions on who we can provide this information to.

Once you’ve added all of the information,  click on the Add button.

That’s it!  Repeat this process for each of the accounts we’ve asked you to provide credentials for.