Logos and Icons Used in the Portal

The customer and rep portals allow you to style the site and its emails to complement your brand. There are several images that you can upload for various uses in the portals.

Primary Logo

The primary logo is used on the login landing page and, optionally, in the system generated emails..

The ideal size is around 200px to 400px wide with a height that fits your logo.

A .png file with transparent background will look best.

If you would like a different logo to be used at the top of your system generated emails, you can upload one here. The ideal size and file type are the same as the primary logo.

Alternate Icon Logo

The icon logo shows on all pages when a user is logged in.

Ideally this logo will be less detailed than the primary logo since it is displayed at a smaller size.

The ideal size is 100px X 100px. A square shape or a circle shape with a transparent background look best. Other shapes will work with some custom CSS added for styling.


The favicon shows in the browser tabs and on IOS devices’ touch screens. The favicon should be square and at least 57px X 57px for best viewing.