How to Update Acctivate Database Information in our Secured Client Portal

1. Go to this link:
2. Login with the credentials that we sent you.
3. Once logged in, click “Update” under “Your Info” on the sidebar. You’ll then see all your account details.
4. Scroll down and to see 4 EssiConnector fields.
5. The first field is the Essiconnector: MSSQL Database Name for Acctivate. It’s always going to start with ACCTivate$ then your business name.
6. The second one is Essiconnector: MSSQL Database Username. It is normally “excelss’.
7. Enter your password.
8. The last field is Essiconnector: Acctivate SQL Server IP address and port which you can get from your IT people.
9. Click “Save Changes”.