How to set up a Magento 2/Acctivate custom web service

This article will walk you through the steps required to set up your Magento 2 site to work with Acctivate’s webstore module through our custom web service.

Step 1 - Set up the API keys in Magento 2

Log into your Magento 2 admin panel
Go To System/User Roles

  • Add a new role
  • Give the role a name you will associate with Acctivate’s webstore (like acctivate)
  • Enter your current admin credentials
  • Click on the Permissions and apply the required permissions (add here)

Go To System/All Users

  • Add a new user
  • Give the user a name you will easily associate with Acctivate’s webstore module (like acctivate_webstore)
  • Fill out the rest of the information and assign a password
  • Select User Role from the sidebar and select the role created above

Go To System/Integrations

  • Click on Add New Integration
  • Give the integration a name you will easily associate with Acctivate’s webstore module (like acctivate_integration)
  • Leave email and Callback URL blank
  • Enter the username you created above under Identity link URL
  • Re-enter your current admin credentials
  • Click on API from the left sidebar and assign the proper permissions
  • Save
  • Back in the Integration List, click on ‘Activate’
  • Click on Allow to give the needed permissions.
  • Copy/paste the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret to a safe place and click on ‘Done’.

Step 2 - Update Magento credentials to Excel Client Portal

Go To the  Excel Software Client Portal

  • Go to
  • Login using your credentials
  • At the client home page, click ‘Update’ under the ‘Your Info’ section in the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down to the custom fields information and update the following fields with the specified information.
  • API User Password: create a secure password that you will use in Acctivate to authorize access to the API
  • Integration Platform Type: Enter M2
  • Integration Platform URL: Enter the base url for your Magento 2 site
  • Integration Platform API Key: Enter the Consumer Key from Magento 2
  • Integration Platform API Secret: Enter the Consumer Secret from Magento 2
  • Integration Platform Username: Enter the admin username you created in Magento 2 for the integration
  • Integration Platform Password: Enter the admin password you created in Magento 2 for the integration
  • Save the information

Step 3 - Set up the Acctivate Webstore Template

Load Acctivate and log in

  • Go to Webstore
  • Click on Configure
  • Click on Create
  • Assign an ID and a Name and add a description, if needed
  • Click on Next
  • Under Type, select Webservice and Native
  • Under Service URL, enter
  • Enter your Acctivate API Webservice username (provided by us)
  • Enter the password you assigned in our portal.
  • Click on Next
  • On this page (Options), make sure the last setting ‘Webservice supports extended API’ is set to No
  • From here, setting up the Webstore template works just like any other integration.

Testing Advice

For testing, it is best to use the ‘More Options’ under Webstore to specify one order number to download. Otherwise, you could accidentally could end up downloading a LOT of orders

The basic order information will be found in the default native webstore fields. The entire order record is appended at the end in an element <DataSource> in case any additional information is required. You can access this information in the Source Values page using XPath expressions.


We don’t provide Acctivate support (unless you have contracted with us separately).  The support team at Alterity can assist you with the integration.  We are happy to answer their questions or work with them if you run into issues, but Acctivate support should be your primary contact for the Acctivate side.