How to set up your portal URL

When we create your Customer Portal site, the URL in the browser URL bar will look something like this:

If you’re going for a more branded look for your portal (as you should), then you will want to use a custom domain.

Most people will choose a subdomain of their company website. This would look something like one of these:

Alternatively, you can also create a custom domain specifically for the portal. This might be a good idea when you don’t want your portal to be directly related to your main website (when your wholesale business needs to be separate from your retail sales, etc). In this case, your portal URL might look like one of these:

Here’s how to set up a subdomain:

First you will need get get the IP address for your portal from our help team or from the System Information page in the portal admin area.

Then you need to make some DNS changes at domain level. If that’s not something you’re familiar with then it’s best to ask your IT provider or even the domain provider’s support team. All you need to do is create an A record for the subdomain ‘portal’ or any other subdomain you choose. This is often called the name or host of the record. You will point this record to the IP address (often labelled as ‘points to’ or ‘address’). Once this is done, send an email through to with the full subdomain that you are using (e.g. so that we can get it set up on your account for you.

Here’s how to set up a custom domain:

First you will need to register the domain at your current domain registrar. Once you have registered the domain, you have two options.