How to Add/Edit Sales Codes

To add/edit/check the Invoicing sales codes:

  1. From the ExcelSS Menu, expand the FILE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS.
  2. Then expand the Order Entry Maintenance, and look for an option titled Sales Codes.
  3. Open the Sales Codes program. There you will see all of the sales codes for the invoicing in ExcelSS.
  4. To add a new code(s) just go to the bottom of the list where the blank line is, and start in the empty cell under the
    ‘Code’ heading and type in the desired code, then press the Enter key to accept the entry.
  5. Then, enter the description and press the Enter key to accept the entry.
  6. Click to add a check in the boxes for Taxable and/or Discount as is appropriate for that code.
  7. When you have finished, click on the ‘Save’ icon that looks like a floppy disk (or File > Save on the menu).