Customer Portal Configuration

Once you have your admin login credentials, you are ready to start setting up your account.

Visit the URL you selected in your browser.  Once you have the login screen, use your credentials to log in.

At the top right corner of the screen, you will see an option for ADMIN.  Hover over this link and select OPTIONS.

From here, you will need to go through several screens of configuration options and adjust as needed.

Company Options

Enter your company name, contact phone number, and the default address to send contact form submissions to.  Note . . you will be able to set up different email addresses to receive the different contact form topics.



Select your desired color scheme.

In the custom CSS box, you can add css code to override anything used in the color scheme.  This should only be done by someone who understands advanced CSS concepts and has experience with overriding CSS code.

Logo and Icons

You can upload your site images here.

Welcome Message

This is a message that will display at the top of your customers’ dashboards once they log in.  You can include any content that you want to share with your customers. You can also change the message seasonally or to make special announcements.

Contact Page

There are two input boxes for content in this tab.  The first is a message to display at the top of the contact us page.  The second will show in the content area to the right of the contact us forms.   You can enter any content you wish to display here.

Order Confirmation

This is the message that will display to your customers after they place an order online.

Order Options


Show Out of Stock product in product list

Select whether you want to show out of stock products on the order form.

Display Out of Stock notification in the order list

Select whether or not you want to show a notification on the order form next to products that are out of stock.

Allow customers to order Out of Stock items

Select whether or not you want to allow customers to add products listed as out of stock to their order.

Activity Configuration

When a customer requests to edit or cancel a pending order,  you can have the system insert a business activity into Acctivate so that the request shows up on the dashboard for the appropriate person.  Alternatively, the request will be emailed to the primary admin email address.

If you want to insert the request as a business activity, you can specify the Activity Type code, Priority Code, Status Code, and Initials of the user to assign the request to.  You can specify different codes to edit requests and cancel requests.

Catalog Options

In this tab, you can specify the Acctivate field name to use for categorizing products in order order form.  You can get the proper field name from us or from Acctivate support.

Contact Page Topics

You can create up to 10 custom topics for your contact page.  These topics show up in a drop down box so that the user can select the subject of their request.

For each topic, you should supply the following information:

Title to show in topic drop down list

Email address to send form submissions to

Insert into Acctivate as a business activity

If you opt to have the system insert submissions as business activities, you can specify the Activity Type code, Priority Code, Status Code, and Initials of the user to assign the request to.

For each topic, you can also add up to 2 additional input fields and additional instructions that are specific to that topic.

Help Page

You can enter any policies, terms, and instructions for customers to receive help on this page.  You can use the WYSIWYG editor to add your content.

Welcome Email Template

When you add a new user to the portal,  we send an email letting them know their credentials.  You can edit the template here to include any additional comments or instructions.