Custom Contact Forms

You can create custom forms for your customers to use to submit any type of support or service request.

Common form types are:

  • Warranty Registration
  • Warranty Request
  • RMA
  • Issue with Order
  • Service Call Request
  • Billing Issue
  • Change or Cancel an Order (there are special considerations for this listed below)
  • Request a login for the portal (there are special consideration for this listed below)

How to create a custom form

Step 1 – Create custom fields
Before you can create a new form, you should first create any custom fields for the information you want to collect from the customer. You can define custom fields under the Admin / Custom Fields page. Instructions for this page can be found HERE
Step 2 – Add a new form
Visit the Admin / Contact Forms page. You can edit an existing form or add a new one by clicking on the button at the top of the page.

Enter a Title for the form. This title will be used to allow the customer to select the ‘topic’ they are contacting you about.

Optionally, add an email address where you want to receive notification of any new submission from this form. Alternatively, you can also have a business activity created when a form is submitted.

Next you will indicate if you want a business activity to be created when a form is submitted. If you answer yes, you will need to provide some information about the business activity such as the Type, Priority, and who to assign it to.

Provide any special instructions related to this form. These will be shown to the customer to give them any information they will need.

Check or uncheck the Show Comment checkbox to indicate if you want to include a generic Comment input on this form. If you check the box, you can also change the title for the input to something other than Comment.

Step 3 – Add custom fields to the form
Under the form definition section, you will see two columns. The first column has a list of the user defined fields for the contact forms. The second column should be empty if it is a new form, or may have fields listed underneath if you are editing a form.

You can drag any user defined field from the first column to the second column to include the field on this form. If you hover over the description of any user defined field, it will show you the field name that was assigned in the User Defined Fields page.

You can also re-order the fields for this form by dragging them up or down.
Step 4 – Save the form
Click on the Save button at the top of the page.

Now this form will be listed in the Topic drop down list on the Contact Us page.

Adding a form for changing or cancelling an order

You can create a custom form to allow customers to request a change or cancellation of an order.

Once you have designed the form, you can assign it to either the Change Order link or the Cancel Order link in the Admin / Options / Order Options tab. If you link a form to either of these options, a button will be added to the Open Orders page for each order that opens the correct form directly. If you add a user defined field named ‘order_number’, it will be prepopulated with the order number.

You can also restrict which orders will allow a change or cancel order request by selecting specific Work Flow Statuses that should allow a user to request a change or cancellation on any order. This option is found under the Admin / Options / Order Options tab.

Adding a link to a form directly in the sidebar menu

You can add a shortcut to any form by adding a custom link to it.

Go to the Admin / Custom Shortcuts page. You can add a new shortcut and add the text for your menu link, select ‘Contact Form’ and then select the form you want to link to.