Customer Portal Intake Form

Please take a few minutes to answer these questions. This will help us prepared to help you with your Customer Portal setup. Thank you!
  • Background Information

  • What do they order, how often do they order, how do they place their orders now, and any other information that might be helpful to us as we guide you through the portal implementation.
  • Acctivate Data Information

  • If not ALL Active products, you will need to designate the products that will be available on the portal using any CHECKBOX field in the Acctivate product information. This would typically be Available On Web but can be any field (even a custom one) as long as it is a CHECKBOX. Specify that field below.
  • Approximately how many products do you have? Approximately how many will be available on the portal? How often do you update products? How do you update them? Is there any other information that would help us understand your products better?
  • Do you use Price By Category prices? Do you have 'levels' of pricing? Do you user Cost+ or List- pricing? Do you have customer specific contract pricing?
  • Let us know the warehouse name or code for each warehouse to include
  • Theme and Branding

  • If so, please upload it to the Shared Client Folder when you receive that link (if you haven't already).
  • Specific hex color codes are ideal. If that's not possible, a good quality logo or graphic that we can pull the colors from would be OK.
  • You can use a subdomain of our portal URL ( You can also use a subdomain of your main domain (like or You can even register a new domain to use for the portal (