Advisory Retainers

The technical environment of businesses today is more complex than at any other time in history.   Technology changes on an almost daily basis,  security can be downright scary, and the endless sea of options for business software can be overwhelming.

Learning the 'hard way' that your newest solution doesn't fit your business strategy means wasting tens (or sometimes hundreds) of thousands of dollars on misguided implementation or development.  Worse, you risk losing valuable competitive advantage by prolonging the time to see results.

Our consulting engagement will give you access to the strategic and tactical development expertise you need, when you need it.

How does it work?

Our agreement entitles you to unlimited access to me via phone and Slack. I return all messages no later than the next business day. Meetings are scheduled in advance, typically taking place over the phone or Zoom.

There are 6 possible areas of involvement:

  • Participation in an initial in-depth, in-person meeting to define goals and organizational challenges.
  • Regular meetings with the primary project contact to discuss strategy, longer-term issues, and business goals.
  • Strategic and tactical advice based on a series of ongoing meetings with team leaders. These are individualized and mutually agreed upon. In addition, I'll serve as a sounding board as they work to achieve their business and technical goals.
  • Technical review of APIs, IDEs, source code, documentation, and the like. Where appropriate, I'll provide code samples, proof-of-concept examples, and design mockups. Please note that authoring shipping code, designs, or documentation is not included in this agreement.
  • Initial, and ongoing audits of select existing workflows and processes; mapping of recommended integrations, automations and process workflows.
  • Situational responsiveness to needs that arise that you deem require my assistance, which are not covered elsewhere.

*** Please note that although authoring shipping or production code, designs, or documentation is not included in this agreement, our team would love to help with any software development or integration at our very best prices.

Kind Words From Happy Clients

"If someone is looking to greatly improve their customer experience along with making their own life easier, I would absolutely point them in Lynn's direction. Not only can she improve on nearly every aspect of your store and inventory workflows, but she is so responsive and easy to work with that she may help in ways you can’t even imagine yet. Couldn’t recommend Lynn any higher!"

Terese Conti
VP of Operations, 1SourceVideo

"Adding Lynn to our team through an advisory retainer is the best thing we have done! Within the first week we were able to cross off 2 challenging tasks that had been lingering for months.  In our first major project she was able to find $4,500/month in cost savings for us! She then helped us evaluate our current operational processes and is now helping us implement an entire web application that will improve efficiencies by over 50%.

Knowing we have someone with her level of expertise only a phone call away has been crucial! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve called to run something past her just to make sure we were on the right track/not making a huge mistake. I can’t recommend Lynn enough, she has made such a huge impact for our company and I have no doubt she would for you too!"

Rachel Meeks
Senior Director of Project Management and Data Analytics, Angels of Care

Why Me?

I’ve been helping clients improve their businesses for over thirty years.   I am a problem solver, a data analyst, and a skilled strategist.  I love helping businesses connect diverse systems to make their operations flow better.  And I love working with businesses to improve their own internal processes and workflows.

I've been developing software for businesses since 1985 and bring knowledge of a wide variety of technology to the table.  Whether it's system integration,  operational inefficiency, expanding the capabilities of existing software, or writing software from scratch.

Lynn Thames